Duration 4 days

ICAO and other regulators require all aviation organisations to implement an SMS. A Safety Management System is required to manage risk and keep aircraft operations to an acceptable level of safety. In order to manage such a program an organisation requires developing the necessary knowledge and skills. This particular training covers the knowledge and skills required by the safety and quality professionals, line managers and the personnel who would work in the implementation and operation of the SMS.


The training will assist the participants to:
• Take appropriate role in the implementation of SMS within the organisation
• Apply effectively SMS-related processes and tools
• Promote SMS and Safety Culture within their area of influence
• Make decisions with appropriate considerations to safety matters
• Assist the organisation to improve safety and operational performance.

Main Topics

• What is a safety management system.
• SMS implementation Plan
• Why safety management systems – Benefits of application, safety, economics, efficiency etc
• Hazard identification process. Risk assessment and mitigation process.
• Safety Culture basic elements. Improving existing cultures.
• Management and workforce commitment, responsibilities and accountabilities.
• Safety Committees.
• Recognition of contribution to safety. Awards and other means.
• Safety Communication. Developing an effective safety presentation.
• SMS audits.
• Safety performance measuring.
• Aviation Safety education and learning strategies.

Who should attend

Line Managers, Safety Quality personnel, safety committee members and other key personnel that can take a role in the implementation of SMS.