Duration 3 days

The training will assist the participants to:
• Understand the principles, elements and tools of quality management
• Understand how quality management can be applied to aviation
• Apply the principles and tools quality management in their organisation
• Assist their organisation in managing quality


Main Topics

• What does “Quality” means
• The Historical Evolution of “Quality”
• Two Important Concepts: Systems & Processes
• Concept of Inspection
• Concept of Quality Control
• Concept of quality assurance
• Concept of quality management
• Concept of total quality management (TQM)
• ISO 9000 Quality management principles
• Quality Management Systems in Aviation
• Rationale for quality management systems
• Requirements for quality management systems and requirements for products
• Quality management systems approach
• The process approach
• Quality policy and quality objectives
• Role of top management within the quality management system
• Documentation
• Evaluating quality management systems
• Continual improvement
• Role of statistical techniques
• Quality management systems and other management system focuses
• Relationship between quality management systems and excellence models
• Quality Engineering
• Quality and compliance monitoring in aviation