Part 66 Category B2 (Avionics) License


A category B2 aircraft maintenance license shall permit the holder:

(i) To issue certificates of release to service and to act as B2 support staff for following:

> Maintenance performed on avionic and electrical systems, and

> Electrical and avionics tasks within power plant and mechanical systems, requiring only simple tests to prove their serviceability; and

(ii) To issue certificates of release to service following minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification within the limits of tasks specifically endorsed on the certification authorization referred to in point 145.A.35 of Annex II (Part-145). This certification privilege shall be restricted to work that the license holder has personally performed in the maintenance organization which issued the certification authorization and limited to the ratings already endorsed in the B2 license.

The category B2 license does not include any A subcategory.


Two (02) years after completing Category A.


Three (03) years after Secondary School Certificate (SSC) with Science Or O Level with Science Or Equivalent.


For two (02) years program:

Part 66 Category A with O Level.

For three (03) years program:

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) with Science subjects or O Level with Science subjects